A Social Spring in StartUp

In many ways, spring semester 2022 showed a return to normalcy on the StartUp Learning Community floor in Sellery Hall. Despite ongoing renovations (the building is going to look spectacular come fall of 2023), the students seemed genuinely excited to finally lower their masks and keep dreaming big—especially when it comes to social entrepreneurship.

Every second semester, residents of the StartUp Learning Community—the residence hall-based group of 64 self-selected first year students with a professed interest in entrepreneurship—can register to take our spring seminar available only to members of the community. Taught by the Wisconsin School of Business’ John Surdyk in Grainger Hall, the class, MHR 321: Social Entrepreneurship, is primarily focused on the world of startup activity and philanthropy as forces for societal good.

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Note: Guest speaker Pill Skills has engaged with Innovate Network member organizations/entrepreneurial programs.