Announcing WARF’s annual grant for UW-Madison research

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) today announced $134.1 million in total annual support to the University of Wisconsin-Madison research community. The overall amount extends across all grant categories and research programs for the academic year ending in 2024.

At the end of each fiscal year, the WARF Board of Trustees approves total grant funding for the following fiscal year in response to a formal request from UW-Madison’s Office of Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE).

The core annual grant this year makes $67.8 million available to the OVCRGE for ongoing research programs. Additional supplemental grants for 2024 provide targeted, timely contributions to research-related initiatives. Together, the annual grant and supplemental grants bring direct financial support to UW-Madison to $87.9 million. Finally, WARF’s operational and functional support to UW-Madison, valued at $40.6 million, and a grant of $5.6 million to the university-affiliated Morgridge Institute for Research round out the $134.1 million total.

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