Badgers make 2020 Wisconsin Inno on Fire List

Wisconsin Inno has unveiled its Inno on Fire list, and several UW spinouts and companies founded by Badger innovators are featured, including:

  • Curate Solutions (Co-founder Taralinda Willis is an alum)
  • EnsoData is a UW spinout
  • FluGen is a UW spinout
  • Ionic (Co-founder Max Lynch is an alum)
  • LÜM (Founder Max Fergus started the company while at UW)
  • OnLume is a UW spinout
  • SHINE Medical technologies is a UW spinout founded by Greg Piefer, who earned a Ph.D. in engineering physics at UW–Madison.
  • Steady Shot (Founder Shawn Michels started the company while at UW)
  • Understory (Co-founded by Alex Kubicek and Bryan Dow during their graduate studies at UW–Madison)


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