Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic Offers a Lifeline to Early Stage Entrepreneurs

That the Wisconsin School of Business has a storied history of producing accomplished alumni is no secret. What may be less understood though is the role the school plays in offering direct support to early entrepreneurs and founders by way of complimentary, public-access services like the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic (B&E Clinic). The B&E Clinic, run by Director Mike Williams, provides free business advice and assistance to Wisconsin entrepreneurs. One such entrepreneur is Chris Wysong, who has been working with the B&E Clinic on a go-to-market roadmap for his fresh-baked idea to make a high-end versatile dough mix that brings bakery-quality fresh goods to consumers in their own kitchen. His doughs can be turned into pizzas, cinnamon rolls, naan, calzones, and even loaves of bread; it just depends on the baker’s imagination.

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