From engineering to entrepreneurship: Immuto Scientific

Technology is often the first answer people give when asked what they think is the most exciting industry. But unlike consumer electronics, which generally command the most attention, that same fanfare is rarely present for biomedical technology breakthroughs, but Immuto Scientific is bucking this trend.

New initiative facilitates research partnerships with the private sector

Seven projects – from generating valuable products from the abundant non-food dairy residues that remain after milk is processed into food product, to amplifying UW–Madison doctoral trainees as the new generation of biotechnology industry leaders – have been chosen for funding through the Promoting Industry Collaboration Initiative.

Computer Sciences embraces interest and demand, and grows by 800%

In 2011, just 200 students were Computer Science majors. A decade later, the number of students enrolled in the discipline has grown more than ten times—a direct response to significant student interest and industry demand in our increasingly technology-driven society.