Creative Destruction Lab gives students invaluable startup experience through consulting

By JP Bertinet, UW School of Business

For students seeking out learning opportunities to work with startups and who are invested in learning all sides of entrepreneurship: the good, the bad, and the ugly, the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) offers a dynamic, challenging practicum that pairs students with startups in the earliest stages. As many of the startups have little to no business expertise on their founding teams, the contributions made by UW students can have an immediate and profound impact on the direction the business takes.

It’s not only the course’s learning outcomes that set it apart from more traditional courses; unlike most classes, the CDL bridges two semesters, beginning in the fall and concluding at the end of the academic year. Furthermore, because students are tasked with working as team members of various third-parties, some work is required even over the winter recess. Read more …