Dairy Innovation Hub funds ten short term, high impact projects at UW–Madison

The UWMadison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) recently selected ten projects for funding through the Dairy Innovation Hub initiative. These one-year grants fund promising work in the Hub’s four priority areas: stewarding land and water resources, enriching human health and nutrition, ensuring animal health and welfare, and growing farm business and communities.

Short term, high impact research and outreach projects are intended to leverage existing UW–Madison expertise to provide timely results while supporting the goals of the Dairy Innovation Hub. Projects place additional emphasis on addressing recommendations generated by the state’s Dairy Task Force 2.0, which completed its work in 2019.

Read full story at https://news.cals.wisc.edu/2022/06/27/hub-funds-ten-short-term-high-impact-projects-at-uwmadison/