Entrepreneurons explores Wisconsin’s food supply chain during the COVID-19 crisis

MADISON, Wis. – How can Wisconsin producers, distributors and retailers be effective in our COVID-19 world and what we can leverage to be at the forefront of addressing the many challenges? Join Pam Jahnke, the Fabulous Farm Babe and farm director for the Midwest Farm Report, for a virtual discussion with experts from UW–Madison, the meat and dairy industries, the Food Finance Institute, DATCP and the Wisconsin Grocers’ Association to hear what’s working, what isn’t and what opportunities are emerging to shape the future on a webinar June 10 on Wednesday, June 10, at 4 p.m.

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“Innovations in many steps of the food supply chain are a key strength of the UW–Madison research community,” says Emily Bauer, director of licensing at WARF. “We at WARF are excited about fostering this dialog across the sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities afforded by the COVID-19 situation. As a leading food-producing state, Wisconsin will play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of food supply chain solutions.”

The June 10 webinar will feature:
Co-produced by WARF and D2P, Entrepreneurons is a series focused on bringing the fundamentals of getting a new venture started to the UW–Madison community. Talks generally are held in-person at the Discovery Building on the UW–Madison campus. More at warf.org/entrepreneurons.
“Crises like the current one are often catalysts for innovation and paradigm shifts. We hope this expert panel discussion will fuel enthusiasm and ideas for bold new solutions to challenges in the food supply chain and beyond,” says Cecily Brose, innovation and commercialization specialist at D2P.