Exploring Innovation at the Discovery Building

Right across West Johnson Street from Union South lies a building that, to many, around campus, is shrouded in mystery. Although the Discovery Building has plenty of windows and is designed for collaboration, community and interaction, much of the research taking part in the building remains enigmatic to many. This is not because of an overabundance of secrecy at the Discovery Building, but more so a result of how sophisticated and specialized the research taking place there is. So what exactly is going on at the Discovery Building? Luckily for the Wisconsin Fellowship Class of 2019, we went to find out!

Completed in 2010, the Discovery Building is home to two research institutes: the private Morgridge Institute for Research and the public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (also known as WID). The building is managed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) on behalf of all tenants. The first floor of the Discovery Building is designated as a public space called the Town Center. As you may already see, one of the main objectives of the Discovery Building is to encourage collaboration between different specialist individuals and groups. Having three organizations operating under one roof gives each of them more resources to accomplish their respective missions. When the Fellows visited last week, we saw this collaboration in action.

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