Five projects selected for WARF Accelerator Big Data Challenge

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation has announced that five projects have been selected to receive development funding through the WARF Accelerator Big Data Challenge Grant.

The grant invited submissions for new technologies focused on processing and handling large amounts of data. From applications in data-driven communications to enhanced imaging software, these projects have high potential to positively impact people throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

Twenty-four competitive research teams representing multiple schools and colleges applied for funding.

The selected projects are led by the following PIs:

  • Kevin Eliceiri (Medical Physics) for a smart compression framework for multidimensional biomedical images
  • Jomol Mathew with Mike Collins and Thomas Callaci (Population Health Sciences) for a scalable, secure platform for use with domain data needed for biomedical research
  • Pedro Morgado (Electrical and Computer Engineering) for a context modeling framework for machine learning using naturally occurring video
  • Aussie Suzuki (Oncology) for deep learning-based software to accurately determine karyotype of cells in basic research and clinical samples
  • Sijia Yang (Journalism & Mass Communications) for building out adaptable and explainable vectionaries to improve data-driven strategic communications

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