FoodChain works to make local sourcing easy

When the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Discovery to Product program mentioned FoodChain as an example of a recent success story, I was intrigued. How our traditional, factory-farm-dependent food system works (or doesn’t) has always interested me. It seemed like that’s what FoodChain, a digital solutions startup, had set out to disrupt with its simple but powerful concept: offering an online marketplace where local grocers, restaurateurs and corporate campuses can buy directly from local farmers and producers.

So I called the startup’s founders — recent college graduates Jake Levitt and Ben Winters. This was in March, just days before Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order took effect. Levitt and Winters were working out of StartingBlock and FEED Kitchens with 25 producer accounts representing 60 local farms.

FoodChain was only 14 months old and suddenly the world seemed to be grinding to a halt. The fledgling founders sounded cautious but hopeful.

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