For some of Wisconsin’s delivery-based companies, stay-at-home orders mean growing even faster

For some of Wisconsin’s rapid-growing companies with delivery-based business models, stay-at-home orders mean they must scale up even faster.

“We’ve had fast growth before,” said Matt Howard, CEO of online food ordering and delivery platform EatStreet. “But we knew it was coming because we knew we were launching new markets. We’ve never had a surprise increase.

“It’s not just orders —  it’s restaurants and drivers as well in a 48-hour period. I think that’s the biggest thing. It’s just not something that we could have predicted.”

Once just convenient, delivery services are defining the time for many people quarantined in their homes.

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing have pushed consumers to try services like grocery delivery for the first time. With guidance to limit time in public spaces and limit shopping to only essential trips, the digital transformation has accelerated.

As restaurants across the country were forced to close dining rooms and pivot to takeout and delivery, hundreds signed up for EatStreet. In just a matter of days in late March, more than 300 new restaurants in Wisconsin signed up for the platform.

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