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University Research Park’s Element Labs:
A Sustainable Future Packed with Discovery

Fast-growing life science companies will have a new home at Element Labs, a 142,000 sq. ft. lab building planned by University Research Park in Madison. Situated within a vibrant urban district, Element Labs will be surrounded by apartments, restaurants and more. The transit-friendly development promotes community and collaboration, embodying the Wisconsin Idea.

“We are a place where solutions are born. When you see something like the pandemic hit the world with a shock, it really reminds you of how important it is to invest in life science research and development to be prepared to meet these kinds of challenges,” says Aaron Olver, managing director of the park.


Pictured at right: Artist rendering of the Element Labs development concept, envisioned specifically for the needs of scaling lab companies.

Forward Thinking.

Administered by UW-Madison’s Discovery to Product (D2P), the Innovate Network is UW–Madison’s front door for innovators to find resources designed to help them bring their ideas to the marketplace.

The Network serves as a hub for a collaborative group of campus-based and campus-affiliated member organizations that work to achieve two common goals:

  • Fostering a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at UW-Madison
  • Strengthening the connection between campus and the entrepreneurial network in the Greater Madison community

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Our Innovate Network member organizations serve innovators on campus and in the Greater Madison and UW alumni communities. These Forward Thinking organizations are vital to advancing a robust culture of entrepreneurship in Wisconsin.