From the CDL Risk Stream to $15M in funding: TrustLayer’s success story

It’s hard to imagine that TrustLayer’s co-founders began building their AI-powered proof-of-insurance solution just two years ago. After going through CDL’s Risk Stream, they’re now a multi-million-dollar company backed by 20 of the top 100 leading brokerages.

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TrustLayer’s collaborative risk management program utilizes AI and robotic process automation (RPA) so companies can verify insurance, licenses, and business credentials automatically — effectively eliminating a very slow, costly, manual process that is still paper-based for many companies.

Investment firms, brokers, and top insurance carriers alike are taking note of this revolutionary technology, as TrustLayer recently closed their Series A funding round with $15.1 million in investments.

“Our CDL journey has been extremely valuable and helpful to TrustLayer’s recent growth,” co-founder John Fohr told us.

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