Gud Medical offers a less expensive yet precise IV tool to the medical world

Madison-based Gud Medical is striving to be a leader in precisely delivering medicine and intravenous fluids. And its syringe adapter could get a boost from the coronavirus crisis as researchers tap into former COVID patients for antibodies.

In hospitals across the world, there is a common theme: people and trauma. In urgent cases, intravenous or “IV” compound medications are often used in order to help people and deliver essential medicines.

Intravenous technologies are even used in non-hospital circumstances such as in research, dentistry and veterinary applications. When it comes to blood samples, mixing medications, or dosing medication, IV is the “go-to” method.

Gud Medical was co-founded in early 2020 by Joseph Ulbrich and Dr. Robert Radwin. According to Ulbrich, the idea was brainstormed when a contract research organization reached out to his biomedical engineering class at UW-Madison. Together, they collaborated to make the ErgoExact-50 syringe adapter.

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