‘Hands-on’ makerspace summer series reaches students remotely

In late spring 2020, the engineers who run the University of Wisconsin-Madison Makerspace began contemplating how to continue delivering the facility’s signature hands-on seminars and activities to students who were now learning at a distance.

They turned to methods they know well: designing and prototyping. But in this case, rather than 3D printing a part or laser cutting a component, they retooled their class offerings.

“We just wanted to continue our mission,” says Karl Williamson, shop manager at the makerspace, which is part of the Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab.

The result—and test case—is the makerspace’s DIY summer series, which consists of freestanding remote workshops and a two-week online short course, all delivered via real-time Webex webinars. Both offerings give students a hands-on “making fix” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while also allowing the makerspace team to try out and fine tune new types of programming that could prove useful in upcoming semesters.

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