How Wisconsin Has Become a Rising Biohealth Powerhouse and Startup Haven

From networking, to funding, to hiring top talent and everything in-between, an increasing number of biohealth startups are calling the Badger State home.

In America’s heartland, a quiet transformation is underway. Amidst the rolling plains and tranquil lakes, there’s a place with a vibrant ecosystem that’s teeming with ground-breaking ideas, driven entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders.

If you guessed that this place is the state of Wisconsin, you’d be right. Boasting a rich community that’s conducive to startup growth and the advancement of cutting-edge technologies, Wisconsin was recently designated by the federal government as a regional tech hub with a specific focus on the state’s growing biohealth sector1.

At the epicenter of this transformation stands Forward BIOLABS, a co-working laboratory space and accelerator. Founded by Jessica Martin Eckerly and a team of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals, Forward BIOLABS provides startups and early-stage companies with the necessary resources, infrastructure, and support to develop and commercialize cutting-edge biotechnologies and healthcare solutions.

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