Kyoung-Shin Choi elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciencesand Valuable Real-World Education for Students

Trailblazing electrochemist Kyoung-Shin Choi has been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, honoring her work developing and understanding electrodes and catalysts for use in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical applications critical to creating a sustainable future. These applications include sustainable and environmentally benign production of fuels, chemicals, fertilizers and clean water using renewable energy sources, like solar and biomass.

“I received the announcement email out of the blue,” says Choi, who joined the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Department of Chemistry in 2012. “I almost deleted it, thinking it was a spam message. I felt ecstatic and very grateful as this election was not possible without people who appreciated my science and worked hard to nominate me and promote my achievements.”

Choi is a globally renowned chemist who investigates materials and processes that use solar energy to produce fuels. Her research has advanced the understanding of how the surfaces and interfaces of photoelectrodes (electrodes that harvest solar energy) impact their performance.

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