Last Lock CEO credits CDL for amazing team growth and mentorship

Last Lock founder and CEO Jack Ryan says he could spend an hour listing all the benefits of Creative Destruction Lab. The program’s competitive process forced his team to be at its best in order to meet its goals and stay in the program. High-calibre mentors provided advice that put the company on a “whole different trajectory.” And the program introduced him to two students who did such valuable work, that Ryan felt he had no choice but to hire them full time. Ryan joined the Risk stream at CDL-Wisconsin in autumn 2020.

His venture Last Lock provides frictionless access to enterprise spaces with a self-powering, retrofit smart lock.

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Note: Jack Ryan and Jaideep Bellani are both UW-Madison alums, and Adam Johnson will graduate in May, 2022. The team also participated in the Discovery to Product (D2P) cohort programs Innovation to Market and Igniter.