Madison VR company focusing on tech for 2 groups: school kids and military personnel

Noted: Holos is a UW–Madison spinout.

A Madison-based company developing virtual reality software has two current objectives: make classroom lessons more engaging for kids and train military mechanics in aircraft maintenance.

The two ideas seem at odds, but Holos founders Dan Borkhus and Tyler Waite see their software as an operating system for virtual reality devices that can be used for a multitude of professions — well beyond VR’s current uses in video games and a few business applications.

And really, Borkhus said, the core use of Holos’ technology isn’t that different whether its used by a grade-schooler or an airman.

“You might want to have a hands-on learning experience when you’re learning about ancient Egypt or the Amazon rain forest, the military has the same need when they’re working on F-16s or F-22s,” Borkhus said.

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