Morgridge alum awarded for “FANTM” limb virtual technology

The Morgridge Institute for Research congratulates former Morgridge Postdoctoral Fellow Finn Kuusisto for his recent 2nd place win at the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest for the proposal of “FANTM.”

Virtual and augmented reality are not new innovations in the tech world, but their immersive applications — especially in health and biomedicine — have increased in popularity over the past couple of years. At the very least, these technologies can enhance learning tools and improve patient quality of life.

Most users interact with this kind of technology with headsets and controllers — however, mass adoption has been heavily bounded by the clunky nature of these devices and their limited functionality for those living with a disability. Likewise, camera accuracy deteriorates in certain lighting and with movements that exceed the frame.

Kuusisto and co-founder Ezra Boley believe that FANTM, which engages in human-computer integration, has the potential to resolve some of these common issues.

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