Morgridge Entrepreneurial Bootcamp (MEB) 2022

Two years, two months, and 16 days after Governor Tony Ever’s first issuing of the “Safer At Home” act, the Morgridge Entrepreneurial Bootcamp (MEB) celebrates the last day of its smashing in-person comeback. Between June 6 and June 10, MEB has hosted a record-breaking 68 students, 15 speakers/instructors, 18 panelists, and the donors of UW-Madison’s largest donation to date, John and Tashia Morgridge. Organized and made possible by the Wisconsin School of Business’ own Dan Olszewski and Lisa Collins, Director and Associate Director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship, MEB coaches graduate STEM students in the vast discipline of startups, in understanding and improving the social values and cultures of businesses, and everything in between.

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