One Smart Cookie

March 2020. Coronavirus cases in America are rapidly climbing. Businesses, offices, schools, and centers are faced with the grim reality of closing to reduce the widespread effects of spreading the COVID-19 virus. There is a mask and in-home mandate while the wait for a vaccine begins. You can only leave for necessity. It is even risky to be around members of your own household. So, what’s there to do? Make cookies.

Majoring in entrepreneurship, Emily has been able to apply her coursework to her small business by taking courses that challenge her from the people and financial sides of a business. In particular, she has spent a great deal of time by attending the Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunches.

“Getting to hear their stories from real entrepreneurs, most of them UW alumni, how they got to where they are, the challenges they have faced and how they’ve overcome those challenges has been extremely valuable. It’s amazing getting to be surrounded by so many creative entrepreneurs who have such great advice and genuine passion for their industries.”


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