Arts Business Competition

This campus-wide competition encourages new thinking and innovative ideas, and provides support for student-driven projects. Entrants will develop and submit a thorough proposal for an arts event, exhibition, series, commercial venture, or other artistic project.

WiscAMP Excel Program

This six-week program is for undergraduate students in the first or second year of their STEM major. Students receive a $3,000 stipend for participating in the program, including a module on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Innovation Competition

The Innovation Competition is open to undergraduates majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) or Geological Engineering. Projects should be focused on developing new materials, technologies, and solutions within various areas of the CEE department.

Transcend UW

The Transcend Madison Innovation Competition is a student-led effort open to any degree-seeking UW–Madison students or recent alumni who are interested in creating their own ventures. Winners share in substantial cash prizes.

Weinert Applied Ventures in Entrepreneurship

The WAVE class provides students with an applied practicum in starting and growing entrepreneurial businesses. Promising student startups developed by graduates of the WAVE program are eligible to receive loans of up to $50,000.

WSB Entrepreneurial Training Program

This grant-based program is presented in cooperation with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to qualified applicants. Includes: BizSmart Training for Entrepreneurs, one-on-one consulting and expert business plan review.

Evidence to Implementation Award

This award is designed to expedite the transfer or commercialization of evidence-based practices, interventions, and innovations to appropriate end-users using the Dissemination & Implementation Launchpad Program.

Translational Basic and Research Pilot Awards

This award addresses translational basic discovery activities (biological, social, behavioral mechanisms that underlie disease); development of biomarkers, target and lead molecules, and devices (mechanical, computational); preclinical and animal models; translation of discovery to patients.

State Economic Engagement & Development Grant

The SEED Grant is for faculty and academic staff with ownership in a Wisconsin company. Funds may be used for innovative research that takes place on the UW campus and facilitates commercialization of a technology affiliated with the applicant’s company.

Draper Technology Innovation Fund

This fund supports efforts to enhance the scope or patentability of inventions and assist with their potential licensing to the commercial sector. Administered in partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Applications deadlines offered quarterly.