Realta Fusion Partners with U.S. Department of Energy for Groundbreaking Milestone Based Fusion Development Program

Realta Fusion, a pioneering leader in fusion energy technologies, has signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in support of the development of commercial fusion energy. This includes funding for Realta Fusion in the first phase of the DOE’s Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program. The agreement was announced yesterday at a White House summit on fusion energy by Deputy Secretary of Energy
David Turk alongside a series of additional initiatives to accelerate fusion energy development. Under this groundbreaking agreement, Realta Fusion will leverage its innovative compact magnet mirror fusion technology to advance the DOE’s mission of creating a world-leading fusion industry in the US. The Milestone Based Fusion Development Program is a key part of the White House’s Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy which aims to accelerate the deployment of sustainable, clean and abundant fusion energy. Realta Fusion is one of just eight companies selected for funding in this program.

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