Roll on: Curbside Bicycles brings tune-ups to a curb near you

By Natalie Yahr, The Capital Times

It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday morning, and Curbside Bicycles is open for business. On this particular day, owner Ian Oestreich has set up shop in front of Trader Joe’s on Monroe Street at the invitation of a friend who lives in the Monroe Commons condos above the grocery store.

Already, Oestreich has assembled his bike stand, unfurled his travel-friendly telescoping stool, laid out his arsenal of wrenches and chain lubricant, and posted a couple yard signs emblazoned with the words “Today only! Bike Tune-ups.”

His first customer, one of the half dozen who signed up in advance through the condo association, rolls up with a blue bike with a flat tire. As the customer explains that he doesn’t ride the bike as often as he’d like, Oestreich snaps a photo on his phone to help him remember whose bike is whose. With a few quick movements, he examines the brake pads and slips a flat metal tool into the bike’s chain to check its wear.

The bike will be ready in about an hour, he tells the man. Most tune-ups take him just 30 minutes. Read more …