Setting the Stage for Spring Seminar with the StartUp Learning Community

Every spring, residents of the StartUp Learning Community—a residence hall-based group of 64 self-selected first year students with a professed interest in entrepreneurship—can register to take our spring seminar, available only to members of the community. Taught in Grainger Hall, a mere hop skip and jump from their residence n Sellery Hall, MHR 321: Social Entrepreneurship is primarily focused on the world of startup activity and philanthropy as forces for societal good.

The seminar is a low-risk, one credit opportunity for StartUp students to explore in a casual and conversational format how innovative thinking and entrepreneurial action can help improve communities. Enrollments are strong again this year after a pandemic lull and students appreciate the opportunity to nurture their desires to serve. By using both a case study and applied approach, students get hands-on experience and learn how to create a socially-engaged business as well as how to use entrepreneurial approaches to non-profit ventures.

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