Submit an event for UW–Madison Innovate Week

Event Dates: October 4-8, 2021

UW–Madison Innovate Week is designed for an audience of campus researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, social impact innovators, and makers of impactful products. Event goals include raising campus awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation; promoting opportunities, programs and resources for campus innovators; and providing learning and networking opportunities. Potential event types include: Open Houses, Office Hours, Info Sessions, Tours/Resource Overviews, Project or Mentor Chats, Talks, Panels,  and Workshops. It’s fine if events are open to the community, but they don’t need to be. Promotion will be primarily to campus audiences. The event will be coordinated and promoted by Discovery to Product (D2P) on behalf of the Innovate Network. Campus and community entrepreneurial resource organizations* will coordinate and contribute events and handle event production, registration, and cross-promotion.

There are a few steps to hosting an event:

  1. Submit this form with your event idea. Once submitted, we will reach out to learn more and to make sure your event is a great fit for the week. If all looks good, we will confirm you’re set to host.
  2. Finalize the logistics and details for your event by August 31 for best publicity consideration. This will include speaker information, content summary, registration details and online venue information, and timing. We know that things may change, but ask that you confirm as much as possible prior to the schedule being announced in early September. Events can be added after the deadline, but the later we receive them, the less likely we can feature them in advance promotions and PR.
  3. Spread the word to campus innovators! We will work to market events through UW–Madison’s Innovate Network,  UW–Madison channels, and our campus partners. Event hosts are encouraged to promote the event as well.
  4. Participate in a brief post-event survey and collect and report attendance, so we know how it went, and how we can improve the event in future.

More details will be provided after you submit your event idea, and you’re confirmed to host.

Resource Fair:  As part of Innovate Week, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) will host a resource fair for campus and community entrepreneurial support organizations* at the Discovery Building on Wednesday, October 6, starting at approximately 5:00 pm (after a panel program). Participants should offer resources or programs available to campus innovators. WARF will provide a table and chairs. You will provide materials, tabletop signage, etc. Participation is free of charge.  Sign up here to participate in the Resource Fair (sign up is separate from submitting an Innovate Week event, below).  Sign up by Tuesday, August 31 for best publicity consideration.  Final  Resource Fair signup deadline: Wednesday, September 22.

*Eligible community entrepreneurial support organizations are nonprofit, educational and government organizations or accelerators that support entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses through education, training, networking, technical assistance, financial or physical services.

TIP: When filling out this form, please avoid using formatted text (such as copying and pasting from a Word document or website) or special characters like % or quotes (“). This may cause an error message when you try to submit the form.