UW Discoveries Drive Drug Development

The reinvention of a photographic film company has transformed a pioneering stem cell startup into a biotech leader with an eye toward regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

The former Cellular Dynamics International Inc., with deep ties to stem cell researchers at UW-Madison, was acquired by Fujifilm in 2015 in a $307 million deal.

Seimi Satake, chairman and CEO of what is now FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc. (FCDI), says his firm serves patients by driving innovations in the use and manufacture of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology in pharmaceutical research.

“The prospect for industrialization in this area is so wide, and I believe that combinations with our expertise and the broader Fujifilm know-how and core technologies will accelerate this achievement,” Satake says.

The firm’s commitment to investment in the life sciences will pay dividends in the long term, he adds.

“Our capabilities in the life sciences and regenerative medicine fields are rapidly growing, with combined experience in cell culture media, the development and manufacture of iPSCs, regenerative medicine, drug formulation technologies and biopharma contract development and manufacturing,” Satake adds.

Being in Madison, close to UW’s research powerhouses, has also helped, he says.

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