UW-Madison economic impact starts locally but spreads statewide

The University of Wisconsin – Madison just released its most recent economic impact report. The punchline: the University of Wisconsin – Madison has a $30 billion economic impact on Wisconsin. That’s about 9% of the economy and it means that 232,057 workers in Wisconsin have jobs generated by UW-Madison’s spending, research, contracts, students, visitors, startups and partnerships. I know it happens because I can see it from my window.

University Research Park is the most common location for University of Wisconsin – Madison spinouts to locate. They come for the specialized infrastructure, incubators like Forward BioLabs and the MGE Innovation Center, the ability to scale easily, a central location, and the community of 4,100 knowledge workers.

Read the full article at https://universityresearchpark.org/uw-madison-economic-impact-starts-locally-but-spreads-statewide/