Submit an event for UW–Madison Startup Week

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Event Dates: November 8-14, 2021 (Global Entrepreneurship Week)

There are a few steps to hosting an event:

  1. Submit this form with your event idea. Once submitted, we will reach out to learn more and to make sure your event is a great fit for the week. If all looks good, we will confirm you’re set to host.
  2. Finalize the logistics and details for your event by October 1 for best publicity consideration. This will include speaker information, content summary, registration details and online venue information, and timing. We know that things may change, but ask that you submit as much as possible so we can upload information into the master calendar prior to the schedule being announced statewide on October 1. Events can be added after the deadline, but the later we receive them, the less likely we can feature them in advance promotions and PR.
  3. Spread the word! We will work to help market campus events through UW–Madison’s Innovate Network, our campus and community partners, the media, and the statewide Startup Week platform. Event hosts are encouraged to help to promote the event as well.