UW-Madison student creates educational board game to ‘light the star’ in refugee children

Shaped by his experience growing up and getting his education in a refugee camp in Uganda, UW-Madison student Joel Baraka spent years developing a way to help children back home learn in a fun and engaging way.

Remembering the serious atmosphere of his primary school classroom, which could include more than 100 students, Baraka decided to create an educational board game — The 5 STA-Z — that follows the curriculum of Ugandan schools.

“I think part of me creating the game was my frustrations on how classes were,” Baraka said. “You go to the class, it’s very serious, you have to focus. No jokes in the classroom. Then … you have to put aside time to play.”

With The 5 STA-Z, Baraka hopes he is combining that time for playing with an educational twist for the students who play it.

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