UW–Madison’s commitment to the state at the heart of new campaign

When it comes to helping Wisconsin residents and the state’s economy, you can’t stop a Badger.

That’s just one of the messages the University of Wisconsin–Madison will share as it launches a new campaign to connect with audiences across the state. Building on the established “You Can’t Stop a Badger” theme, the campaign will feature in-depth profiles, news features and little-known facts about the people and programs that are building Wisconsin’s future workforce and economy.

The campaign, which began in January and extends through the summer, includes traditional and digital advertising, storytelling, video and social content, and affiliated events. Unique monthly themes will focus on how UW–Madison is helping to power the state’s economy, keep education affordable, drive medical and scientific breakthroughs, build collaborations with communities and businesses and prepare thousands of students for the careers of tomorrow.

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