Veterinary medicine students launch software startup to serve clinics

Annie Pankowski, a student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, never expected to add co-founder of a tech startup to her list of accomplishments. However, during the pandemic, veterinarians noticed a sharp increase in demands for care services and strained to find ways to maximize the efficiency of their staff and referral management systems

So, Annie and her sister, Ali Pankowski, founded Transfur, Inc. as a direct solution to this industry-wide problem.

The platform allows veterinarians to request, send and review the medical records of patients who have received care from other clinics through a business-to-business software model. It uses artificial intelligence to extract relevant information from an animal’s previous medical history. The founders say it could be used by a variety of veterinary professionals, including specialists, primary care providers and care coordinators.

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