Vigilant Eyes on COVID-19

Animal science alum Chris Salm has co-founded a testing service for organizations looking to continue safe operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

In late March 2020, COVID-19 struck Wisconsin’s Brown County. The virus hit workers in the area’s meat industry especially hard. But Salm Partners, a Denmark, Wisconsin-based meat-packing company that is focused on pre-cooked, ready-to-eat sausage and hot dog products, managed to avoid an outbreak among its team members.

Unfortunately, some news coverage of the county’s outbreak lumped in Salm Partners with affected meat industry businesses. It left the company’s leadership scrambling for a way to counteract negative media attention and reassure the public. For Eric Salm, a longtime associate of the company with a vested familial interest in its success, the solution was simple: regular testing of the company’s entire workforce.

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