What are the best colleges for startup founders? New data shows it’s not limited to the coasts.

Universities from across the U.S. make up Pitchbook’s new list of 100 top colleges for startup founders

Which colleges produce the most venture-backed startup founders?

Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; and Harvard University, according to a new report from venture capital data firm Pitchbook, which compiled a list of the 100 top colleges for startup founders.

While elite coastal schools topped the rankings, there was plenty of geographic diversity near the top of the list.

The University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin and Duke University all cracked the top 20 undergraduate universities for startup founders. Pitchbook’s report measured schools based on the number of founders whose companies received a first round of venture funding between Jan. 1, 2012, and Oct. 21, 2022.


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