With pocket-sized Hello! Loom, weave got it made

First, Marianne Fairbanks went big. Then, she went little. Very little.

In 2016, then an assistant professor of design studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she launched a “social weaving project” called the Weaving Lab, by the Image Lab created by cartoonist Lynda Barry at the campus’ Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

For two summers, Fairbanks and a small team of UW students took over the Image Lab space, installing four large floor looms so that anyone could pause at a loom, think about the big questions she’d posted beside each, and weave their own contribution to the collaborative tapestries.

Fairbanks loved the project, but she kept hearing one thing from visitors: They’d love to weave on their own, but they just didn’t have the time.

She wanted to find a way to make weaving fit in their lives. The answer, she decided, was to make looms that fit in their pockets.

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Note: Marianne Fairbanks and her company Hello! Loom is a Discovery to Product (D2P) innovator.