Women Are Underrepresented In The Music Industry—LÜM Is Trying To Change That

With the music industry being dominated by men, women are often faced with sexism and discrimination. According to She Is The Music, only 21.7% of women are artists, 12.5% of women are songwriters and only 2.7% of women are producers. Even more alarming is that men dominate taking credit over songwriting and storytelling.

LÜM, a UW-Madsison tech startup​, is on a mission to provide a safe space for women to create and advance in their music careers. The music streaming platform for independent artists​, allows the artist to connect directly with their fans, collaborate with other artists, and make money off of their skill set. They recently announced their launch on Android and web foraying them into a global platform accessible to everyone who would like to start a career in music​, or to fans who simply want to discover new music and ​support their favorite artists. Many of these artists are women who see LÜM as a highly supportive tool for women in music. From producing to vocals, the streaming and discovery platform has generated a community between women to empower and encourage one another on everything like collaborating with each other to supporting each other’s projects. And most importantly owning the rights and credit to their work.

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